Speaking In A Monotone
Why write these?
What is the point of metre and rhythm and chorus and repetition?
What is the point of being alive?
What is the point of calling out into the darkness,
“I am here, I am here, I am here”?
What is the point of reaching for a hand that isn’t there?
One reader describes Speaking In A Monotone as ‘an astounding blast of anti-poetry – like Spike Milligan on drugs.’ 
In this brief volume I attempt to achieve something childish and naïve – words that are so crude and brash that they fasten upon your consciousness with piranha-like teeth; stanzas that are uncomfortable to remember; rhymes that are difficult to forget. As a result, Speaking In A Monotone is not suitable for children, for the elderly, for the adolescent, for the middle-aged or for those in their prime. Speaking In A Monotone is not for those of a fragile disposition. Speaking In A Monotone speaks to those in a state of eternal and uncomfortable transition.
This work is approximately fifty A4 pages in length. Some of the formatting may be lost in the html and .prc versions.
Watch the short film of Ebb on Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IouPVuL6U0 
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