elven dogs
Fantasy with teeth
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Elven Dogs is about Stanislav Warzinski, a man who through adventure and mishap and an affinity with dogs is anointed emperor of one of the greatest empires of all time. However the Emperor of Nichomachea has within him deep weaknesses, both true and perceived, stemming from his arrival into the world with both his mother and his father murdered. Stanislav is a structure built on sand, a tree without roots.
Thus, at the very summit of his success, he finds himself worthless, pointless, a bag of wind waiting to be pricked. He sinks into a haze of alcoholism and self pity, leading to his eventual overthrow by those he once trusted and loved.
Stanislav is buried alive in the Selean Cemetery in the very first chapter of Elven Dogs.
A short while later genetically engineered elves dig him from his grave. Though he is dead, elf science – so advanced it has almost  become magic –  heals his body, but it fails to resurrect his soul. His soul in any case had been diminishing, sucked into the vacuum of his own rootlessness. Elf science creates from Stanislav’s corpse a walking, living, soulless being: a golem – but how different in truth is this from what he had become whilst still alive?
The golem Stanislav is a tool in the elves’ hands, a weapon in the war they are losing against the Mongol warriors of the northern wastes. A more terrifying warrior than he had ever been, Stanislav leads the gene elves into battle.
The Mongols, however, have been secretly manipulated and empowered by the Anten, a race of composite beings who are building a huge construct at the very north of the world.
Only when the Anten capture the golem and seek to control him, is Stanislav’s soul, through sheer dogged resistance, reborn. Stanislav is at last Stanislav once more – and through his discovery of kinship with the non-hive races he at last finds a firm foundation upon which to base his sense of self.
Stanislav escapes from the Anten (who are defeated, nanotechnologically, through the efforts of a Miramene priest) to return to his birthright, the Nichomachean empire, intent upon revenge.
Elven Dogscontains within it the theme of the Miramene creed of denial. This is the creed of the nine gods, only through the denial of which can a person become truly human. The worst of these gods is Grist, the god of malevolent fate.
The numeral 9 is given symbolic weight throughout the novel and is reflected in the novel’s superstructure. Elven Dogs consists of nine parts; each part consisting of nine chapters; each chapter consisting of nine sections or scenes – giving seven hundred and twenty nine sections in all.



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