Collectors' Editions

Dark Green Books seek to encourage the perception of hardcopy books as possessions to be cherished – to be printed, where possible, in limited, high quality editions and to be treated as artworks or family treasures which will be handed down from generation to generation…

In line with this philosophy, we intend to publish a limited edition of 300 signed copies of each of Luke Andreski’s complete works at a cost of £30 ($48) each, with the exception of the first and last copies of each edition, which will be witnessed as such by the printer and which will contain additional, original handwritten material and a personal dedication, for sale at £300 ($480).

The limited editions for each book will only be printed after one hundred and fifty candidates have expressed interest in the hardcopy edition and made a 50% donation towards the website.

Once one hundred and fifty expressions of interest are gained, Dark Green Books commit to publishing the books which will then be available to the original one hundred and fifty plus candidates at half price. If the one hundred and fifty limit is not achieved, any donations will be utilised towards the running costs of this and other author websites.

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A donation of £150 is required to confirm your interest in this edition