The Book of New Creation
An Occupy Philosophy
Trust not your politicians
Trust not the hierarchies of your religions
Trust not the smiles of your celebrities
Trust not the guile of your businessmen
Trust not the seductions of your gurus
Trust not your pundits, your sermonisers, your naysayers, your yeasayers, your experts, your savants, your spokesmen, your preachers, your bankers, your technocrats, your financiers, your oligarchs, your servants of commerce and greed
Trust not those who cry out for your trust
Trust in the life that flows within you
Trust in the life that you share
with all living creatures
whose brief moment of existence
is imbued with the purpose
of which we all are part
Trust in the connection that you share
with the ecstasy and the pain of all living things
Trust in empathy
Trust in compassion
Trust in kindness
Trust in love
© 2011 Luke Andreski and William Tarkovsky. All rights reserved.
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