A Green Philosophy
Scattered to the four winds: our shared humanity; our connection to the biological world...

 There are questions we do not allow ourselves to ask:
Whether we should limit consumption;
Whether we should control our population;
Whether democracy works if the decisions we make are based on an oligarchic media;
Whether it is better to control our society than to let our society control us;
Whether the wise and the good should be selected to lead us via mechanisms not controlled by those who claim to be the wise and the good;
Whether we live in the best of all possible worlds or whether our society can be created anew;
Why society should not be driven by humanism, sustainability, empathy and love;
Why we are doing so little to prevent the eco-apocalypse.
Text © 2011 Luke Andreski and William Tarkovsky. Photography © 2011 Eve Andreski. All rights reserved.
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